22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years

Since my birthday is coming up (Wednesday, December 30th!), I thought I would share some things I’ve learned along the way.

22 things ive learned in 22 years22 things I’ve learned in 22 years:

  1. You are never too old to tell your parents about your problems.
  2. Always be nicer than necessary; be the light in someone’s dark day.
  3. Help others because one day you may need help.
  4. Never be too proud to ask for help when you need it.
  5. Complain less and praise more, it’ll make a difference.
  6. Do a load of laundry and dishes everyday or they will over take your home. For real, though.
  7. Things aren’t important, people are.
  8. Do what’s right even when others are doing what’s wrong, your conscience will thank you later.
  9. Always keep a Bible handy, and hide His Word in your heart.
  10. You’re called to be holy, not happy, but when you’re heart is right with God, you can be both.
  11. Never let a bad day ruin your testimony; a bad day is temporary, but your actions and words will stay with people forever.
  12. Situations always seem worse at night, but sleep on it, because it’ll look better in the morning light.
  13. You don’t have to talk everyday to be friends.
  14. Be considerate.
  15. You don’t have to be “older” for God to use you, He wants to use you NOW!
  16. It’s okay to cry and not know why.
  17. Hug people often.
  18. Give out compliments generously.
  19. Be grateful.
  20. Always have a song in your heart, it’ll get you through the hard days.
  21. Having family is great, having a crazy family is interesting, being surrounded by family is priceless.
  22. Jesus is your anchor. Give Him everything, and He will bless you and your house and everything you touch.
That’s what I’ve learned in 22 years, it’s not a lot, and I’m still learning, but this advice given to me along the way has really helped me. I want to thank the people in my life for being on this crazy journey with me, I know I can be difficult sometimes (cue the sarcastic, “no, not you” from the peanut gallery) but you guys have made my 22 years awesome! Thank you to my parents for birthing and raising me, y’all did awesome if I say so myself! Thank you to my husband for loving me through everything, God gave me the perfect husband; you were made just for me. Thank you, Lord, for being my Light and Salvation! Without You I am nothing!


  1. Melissa Collins says:

    I love your 22 things:) very well written. Keep blogging- you are going a great job. Love you.

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