All of Me, Take All of Me

all of me“All of me, take all of me, here’s my life as an offering. I will serve You faithfully, here I am, Lord take all of me.”

These words were penned by the same man who wrote, “Make me more like You, Lord, make me more like You. Cleanse my heart, set me apart, Lord, make me more like You.”

Such powerful words. I get chills every time I hear them. I also get a little convicted every time I hear these words. As much as I want these words to be the melody of my heart, I have to question myself, “Do I really want to be more like Him? Am I really giving the Lord all of me?”

These are pretty serious questions that most Christians probably wouldn’t like to have  the answer to if we were completely honest with ourselves. The fact of the matter is that we don’t want to be more like Him. We don’t want to give Him everything, because in doing these things, we are having to deny ourselves and our wants. We would be taking the ‘backseat’ in everything and not complaining about it.

The problem with a lot of Christians is that we are too proud to lower ourselves to Jesus’ social and financial status. My husband actually brought this point to my attention (reminding ME of everything I’m about to tell you).

Guys, Jesus was HOMELESS. BY CHOICE. He chose to travel, save and heal people. He hung out with the outcasts, the people who weren’t good enough according to society’s standards. He went out of his way to heal and save. He didn’t stay in one place because it was more comfortable for Him. When people came to Jesus, He went with them. He was never too busy to heal or to save.

That’s just how good our God is. When we can’t get to Him, He’ll come to us. He will never turn us away no matter how dirty we may be. He is holy, and our righteousness is as filthy rags, but He still chooses to love us. I can’t even wrap my mind around His love for us!

But regardless of how much He loves us, even when we’re filthy, regardless of how much He forgives us when we don’t deserve to be forgiven, we still deny these things to our neighbors. We stand in a “holier than thou” judgement corner yelling that the “others” aren’t as good as us. Or that “they” don’t deserve forgiveness.

I’ve heard CHURCH PEOPLE say that there are people who don’t deserve a second chance. All my husband and I could say when we heard that is, “Well, I’m sure glad Jesus gives us second, third, fourth, tenth chances. If He treated us the way you are treating them, we’d all be doomed to hell.”

You know what amazes me the most? Jesus knows what we are going to do before we do it, but He still gives us so many chances. He saves us when He knows how much wrong we will do. We can’t even forgive people for things they’ve done in their past, much less if we knew what they were going to do on down the road.

Trying to be Christ-like is hard. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t do a miraculous job of it.

To become more like Him, we need to die to ourselves everyday. We need to lay aside the social standards, judgements and resentments. We have to become more forgiving. More love, less hate. More of Him and less of us. That’s the only way we can even hope to give Jesus all of us and to become more like Him.

With all that being said; how awesome is our God?! He left everything to become a man just to save our souls! What are we willing to do for Him? God doesn’t care if you have a fancy house, or a shack on the side of the road. He doesn’t care if you have the nicest clothes, or just some old nappy clothing. He doesn’t care about that. He cares about your heart. We need to strive to be more like that. We need to strive to become more like Him.

“Make me more like You, Lord, make me more like You. Cleanse my heart set me apart, Lord, make me more like You.”
“All of me, take all of me. Here’s my life as an offering. I will serve You faithfully, here I am, Lord take all of me.”


“Lord, please help me to become more like You everyday. Help me die to myself and to be more gracious and forgiving towards my neighbors. Help me forgive them the way You have forgiven me time and time again. Help me become more like You.”

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