Are You a Fan or a Follower?

are you a fan or a follower

That seems like an odd question, are you a fan or a follower? You may be thinking, “What’s the difference?” The difference in these terms may be minor, but they make a huge difference.

A fan is a ​person who is very much ​interested in and ​spends a lot of ​time ​watching or ​reading about something or someone; often used when describing an entertainer or sports team ‘fan.’

A follower is an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.

See, it’s a small difference between the definitions of these terms. However, there is a clear difference between a fan of God and a follower of God. A fan of God is someone who is interested about Him, His Word, and church. That is great! It’s great to be a fan of God, but that is NOT what will get you into Heaven. I am a fan of Alabama Football, but that doesn’t mean I know what time they play, the coaches’ names, or even all the players on the team. If I don’t know the players playing the game, then how could I ever be a follower of their program?

A follower is someone who is DEVOTED to God. They commit all their ways to Him and they will give their lives to serve Him. THAT’S the difference between a fan of God and a follower of God. Jonathan’s uncle Randy is what I would consider a follower of Alabama football. He can tell you all the stats, he never misses a game; and for a while he didn’t have T.V. to watch it on, so he had to listen to the game on the radio! Talk about devotion to a team! That’s the difference between Randy and I, he is willing to sit in the car and listen to his team play, but I only caught a game when it was considered a ‘big one.’

Just like there are plenty of football fans, there are PLENTY of people who are fans of God. They go to church, they read His word, they sing songs for Him, but are they really a follower?

The unsaved church member would be a fan; they love God, but they haven’t fully given their lives to Him. There are also followers (Christians) who keep the mentality of a fan. They never mature into the follower God has called them to be. They think just reading His Word, going to church and singing songs for Him is enough. Like I stated earlier, all of that is great, but to advance the kingdom of Heaven (since followers are already going to Heaven), we need people willing to be spit on, cursed at, and laughed at for the cause of Christ. THAT’S what it takes to be a follower of Christ, we have to be WILLING to be hurt by friends and family because we tried to share Jesus with them. You won’t always be ridiculed for sharing the Gospel, but odds are that, if you share the Gospel enough times, you will run into people who won’t receive what you have to say.

If we want the church (not the building, but GOD’S church) to grow, we, as Christians, have to grow up and stop being fans, and start becoming followers. Being a follower is more than just sharing a post about God on Facebook or Instagram, it’s more than sharing a verse over social media. It’s more than that. It’s about putting yourself out there and witnessing to people at work or school. Sharing things on social media is great! You can reach people from miles away over social media, but if we fail to see the mission field in our own backyard, then we have failed God and those people.

I see it everyday, people want to see God move and they want Him to use them, but they are too afraid of what people will think of them if they talk to them about God or invite them to church. I’m that person a lot of the time. It’s something we all battle. The devil wants us to have a fan mentality, where we don’t share the Gospel, but people know we go to church. It scares him when we decide to become full-on followers of Christ, because then he knows that you are going to share His Word regardless of what people will think of you.

I’m ashamed to say that I may have written this more for me than anyone. I’m so awkward about everything, and I am so self-conscious that I can’t bring myself to share the Good News of Christ — I revert back to my fan mentality. I’ve had people younger than me tell me about how people have thrown things at them, laughed at them, and made fun of them because they invited someone to church and they share the Gospel with them. I have a friend who got SPIT ON by another person because they told them about Jesus dying on the cross for them! That’s what I called devoted! He said that a while after she spit on him, she came back and wanted to give her life to Christ!

THAT’S what can happen if we decide we want to be followers instead of fans. We win people to Jesus!

Do you want to see a revival in your church? How about in you town? State? Then I challenge you to stop being afraid and having a fan mentality and become the follower you were created to be! Join me in becoming a follower! My prayer is that we see fans of God get saved and become followers of God, and I pray that followers of God will step up and work for God. We will see Him do mighty things when we give everything to Him.

I want to be a follower — not a fan.

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