Broken Into Beautiful

broken into beautifulThis month will mark 2 years since my husband and I started trying to have children. It seems like an eternity. We’ve seen friend after friend announce their pregnancies. Some of which haven’t been married hardly anytime at all; IF they are married at all. I’m not going to lie and say that I understand exactly what God’s doing, nor will I tell you that there aren’t days that I don’t cry myself to sleep at just the thought of not ever having children.

It’s been a hard two years, especially since I’ve always wanted a house full of children. 7 has always been the perfect number to me, but it’s all in God’s hands; we’ll have whatever He sees fit for us to have. And, yes, that includes none at all. During all of my prayer time, and alone time with God, I realized that He had something for us. He had a purpose much greater than my husband and I could have ever dreamed up on our own. Foster care.broken into beautiful

We had always wanted to foster… one day. It was never something that we thought of doing in our early 20s; if it were up to us, we would be starting a biological family. We started our foster care journey and God has shown us so much through this process. It’s amazing how God can take what seems like a hopeless situation, and turn it into something absolutely wonderful.

We have everything we ever wanted, even if it is only for a short time. We have 3 kiddos in our care, we are a family of FIVE. We went from a couple, to a family of four, back to a couple, to a family of three, to a family of five. It’s absolutely crazy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. God has shown us so much through these kids, through loss, through loving them, through them loving us. He has taught us what true love is, what His love is really like, He is making us more like Him.broken into beautiful

We have seen our 4-year-old boy go from a crazy, wild, bundle of energy, to a prayer warrior. No one says prayers sweeter than him. We have seen our 6 month old go from absolutely no fussing or crying, not wanting to be held and just laying in one spot, to crying when she’s hungry, and to rolling around and trying to crawl and LOVING attention. She’s our princess. That is only 2 of the 5 kids we have had! We have several other stories we could share! We have seen how introducing God to these kids can radically change their lives, even though they aren’t yet old enough to understand the huge sacrifice He made for us, He has still changed their lives in a dramatic way.

The longer I am a foster parent, the more I see God’s hand move. I have seen Him turn these kids’ lives around. I’ve seen Him deliver them from horrible situation, and return them to a better situation. I’ve seen Him perform miracles within these kids and their families. We’ve been called to be something great. We’ve been called to love without regard of our hearts. We’ve been called to take these fragile, little hearts and point them to Jesus.

How amazing is that? We get to spend time with these kids and tell them about our Lord and Savior and how He can mend the most broken of families. God has called us to be more than parents, which is one of the greatest callings in life, He’s called us to be foster parents. We get to love the broken.

He has turned our hopeless situation in to a hopeful new beginning. He’s turned our broken lives into something beautiful. He’s turned our dreams into reality. And I can’t wait to see what else He has in store for me and my husband. We praise Him for what He’s done this far, and we will continue to walk hand in hand with Him.broken into beautiful

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