From Slavery to Freedom

Jonathan has taught a series to our youth twice called, “Lord Change My Attitude: Before It’s Too Late” by James McDonald. I highly recommend listening to his sermon series on it, or have Jonathan teach it to you. It’s wonderful. It walks you through Numbers picking up where the Israelites have come through the Red Sea and have escaped slavery…. [Read More]

Don’t Look Back

How often do we spend looking back on our sins? Whether it’s with regret, or, for some of us, with fondness. Have you ever wondered if this is hindering our walk with Christ? An old Bible story came back to my heart and my mind. Do you remember Lot and his story? If you don’t,… [Read More]

All of Me, Take All of Me

“All of me, take all of me, here’s my life as an offering. I will serve You faithfully, here I am, Lord take all of me.” These words were penned by the same man who wrote, “Make me more like You, Lord, make me more like You. Cleanse my heart, set me apart, Lord, make me more like… [Read More]

The Microwave Generation

I’ve often heard my generation be called the ‘microwave generation.” I typically roll my eyes when I hear that phrase because I felt like it was ridiculous, however, I have come to realize that I am part of the problem. I am part of the microwave, need it in 3 minutes or less generation. The urban… [Read More]

Why Not Me

When we enter into a valley, we often ask why God is putting us through this. My response is often, “God, I’m doing the best I can for you, I’m trying to follow Your Word and do all that You would have me to do, so why is this happening? Why are you allowing me… [Read More]

The Night We Missed Church

Tonight we had to miss church; the kids were crazy from the time they woke up, the baby was fussy, Jonathan didn’t get home until late, it was conference night, and I just didn’t think I could handle the hustle of getting the kids from school, fed and back in the car to be at… [Read More]

Are You a Fan or a Follower?

That seems like an odd question, are you a fan or a follower? You may be thinking, “What’s the difference?” The difference in these terms may be minor, but they make a huge difference. A fan is a ​person who is very much ​interested in and ​spends a lot of ​time ​watching or ​reading about… [Read More]

He’s Holding On To Me

The past few days have been really difficult for me. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and I’ve been battling that a lot more than normal the past few months. We’ve had a lot of things go on, things beyond our control. I’ve felt like my life was going in a downward spiral. I felt… [Read More]

Why I Didn’t Take A Purity Pledge

Now before you go assuming things, that title doesn’t exactly mean who you think it means. I did, in fact, save myself for marriage. My husband was my first everything, even my first kiss. I just wanted to clear that up before I go any further. There are several reasons I didn’t take a purity… [Read More]

Why 20-Somethings Leave The Church

We’re the group that is consistently missing from the church. We’re the ones that go missing for a few years, and then return to the church houses of our childhoods. We’re the “20-somethings.” Now, not ALL 20-somethings aren’t in church; my husband and I are both 20-somethings, and we attend church every time the doors… [Read More]