The Hope of Christmas

the hope of christmasChristmas Eve started off with a flood of emotions. We woke up with our basement flooded (our basement is our bedroom, piano and laundry room). I’m not going to lie to you, it was not the way I wanted to start off Christmas Eve. We called my dad and he came to help us clean up as much water as we were able. It’s still currently damp, and yucky down there, but it’s better now, thankfully!

This is just our hallway to the bathroom, you can't tell, but there is at least an inch of water on the floor!

This is just our hallway to the bathroom, you can’t tell, but there is at least an inch of water on the floor!

While we were cleaning, I looked at my dad and asked him, “Should we even bother going to any of our Christmases today or tomorrow?” And my dad told me, “Don’t let this ruin the holiday for you. You may have to  come home early, or leave every so often to check on the damage, but don’t worry too much, there is still hope this Christmas.”

The phrase “there is still hope this Christmas” really stuck with me. My dad didn’t know it at the time, but I’m pretty sure God was speaking through him right then.

While I went out to get a fan from the church, I had a lot of time to think about the hope of Christmas. As much as we love our traditions and gatherings, that supplies us with no hope. Things go wrong, like they have today, and family gathering get cancelled. Things happen, and if we’re not careful, we let these things dictate our joy.

So many people, myself included, can get so lost in the business of the season, and forget WHY we celebrate. We don’t celebrate to just get and receive presents, we celebrate to bring honor and glory to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It was a dark time before Jesus was born, there were 400 years of silence. God didn’t speak to man. I couldn’t imagine not hearing from God! These 400 years were probably dark for the children of God. They had to walk completely by faith. They had to remember what God had promised, and cling to it.the hope of christmas

They had faith and hope that a Savior would soon be coming. They knew that God had promised a King, a Kinsmen Redeemer, our Lord. They knew He was coming. They just knew.

On one lonely night in a cattle stall, He came. Their hope was born and placed in a manger. The King they were promised had come to Earth that night. He, sweet Jesus, was the hope of the broken world. That’s the hope of Christmas.

The hope of redemption for the world was wrapped in swaddling clothes, clothes meant for burial, to foreshadow His death and resurrection. The world was given the most precious gift, HOPE. Hope of a new life, hope of living eternally in Heaven with our Savior. We were given hope, a hope that can’t be taken away.

the hope of christmasNo matter the circumstance this Christmas, we have hope. We have hope, not only from Jesus’ birth, but from His death and resurrection. We have hope in the promise that He gave when He said He has gone to prepare a place for us, and He will come again for His children. We still have the hope of Christmas. We still have a hope to cling to. It doesn’t matter what circumstance may beset us, it doesn’t matter if our Christmas isn’t perfect, it doesn’t even matter if your basement is flooded, we still have the hope. Jesus is my hope. Jesus is my everything.

I hope you hang on to the hope that has been sent to us through Jesus Christ this holiday season!


How do you and your family bring honor to the Savior during Christmas?

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