The Microwave Generation

the microwave generation

I’ve often heard my generation be called the ‘microwave generation.” I typically roll my eyes when I hear that phrase because I felt like it was ridiculous, however, I have come to realize that I am part of the problem. I am part of the microwave, need it in 3 minutes or less generation. The urban dictionary defines the microwave generation as describing our fascination with instant gratification. Cell phones, txt/sms messages, and email. As members of the microwave generation we have become so impatient, we find ourselves standing in front of the microwave tapping our foot yelling “Come on 15 seconds!”

We like everything we do to be done quickly. We have had answers at our fingertips most of our lives. We have never had to dig very far to find the answer to our questions thanks to iPhones and the internet. We facetime our friends and family who we don’t get to see often when we want to see them. I mean for goodness sakes, not only do we have microwave meals, we, as a generation, have mastered the art of fixing ‘mug meals’ (single serving meals your fix in coffee mugs) that you can make in 2 minutes!

We have become experts at doing things effectively and quickly. We drive fast, walk fast and text fast. There isn’t anything wrong with that necessarily; we live in a fast paced world and being able to do things quickly is super convenient while you are going to school, starting a business or starting a family. I currently have two kids at home, I get it, I really do. But where do we draw the line? How do we maintain patient attitudes when we’re used to having everything we need or want right then?

The answer: we can’t. We have begun to expect everything to be instant. We expect job offers the day we graduate college. We expect a house and babies as soon as we get married. We expect God to answer our prayers as soon as we say amen. We have become so impossibly impatient. Not only do we expect to microwave our physical nourishment in minutes, we expect God to give us our spiritual nourishment in minutes as well!

It reminds me a lot of baking cookies. If you have ever had homemade, from scratch cookies, then you know how awesome they are. I love baking cookies from scratch. It takes a lot more to make them, but it is totally worth it. You have to make sure you have all the ingredients, mix them together, roll them into cookie sized balls, place them on a cookie sheet, pre-heat the oven, put them in, wait until they are just right, take them  out and wait for them to cool. These cookies take time. If someone makes you cookies from scratch, you know without a doubt that they are made with love, because not only did they just think about making you cookies, they took the time to make sure they had what they needed to make them. They put their time into these cookies.

This is very similar to how God works in our lives. He puts His love and time into answering our prayers.

But what we want is the pre-made, pre-cut cookie version of God. We want to be able to pray and God pull out his pre-made ‘cookies’ to answer our prayers. God doesn’t work that way! Sure it would be nice, but it’s amazing to think that He loves us so much that He takes the time to collect the right ingredients, and put everything together with just the right measurements, and bakes it just to make something beautiful for us.

If God did things in the ‘microwave generation’ style, we would all pray different prayers but get the exact same result. How boring would that be?! One of the fruits of the Spirit is longsuffering (having or showing patience in spite of troubles) because God wants us to be patient with His timing. He didn’t call us to be microwave Christians! He called us to be made from scratch, oven baked Christians!

I have struggled with this for the past three years, and I realized tonight that, while I was wanting God to answer my prayers right away, I was missing what God was doing in my life. He has been moving in mighty ways and answering my prayer little by little every day. Sitting back and reflecting on just the past year has shown me that. I haven’t been longsuffering, I have been impatient, jealous and just down-right stubborn.

God is creating this amazing journey (or cookie… hehe) for me and Jonathan, and I have completely dismissed the love and devotion He has for me because I believed He should work on my time-table; the 3 minutes or less time-table. I have selfishly wanted my prayers answered my way instead of allowing God to answer in His way. I continually forget that His ways are not our way; He sees the whole recipe. He knows what He is doing if we will just relinquish everything we have to Him. We need to stop being the microwave generation and become the generation that waits on God and follows what He would have for us. That starts with me. I’m going to stop being impatient with Him and just enjoy the ride He has me on. I’m going to praise Him for the things He is doing in my life.

I don’t want a microwave God.

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