The Night We Missed Church

the night we missed churchTonight we had to miss church; the kids were crazy from the time they woke up, the baby was fussy, Jonathan didn’t get home until late, it was conference night, and I just didn’t think I could handle the hustle of getting the kids from school, fed and back in the car to be at church for a 30 minute business meeting. I know, I sound horrible, but it turned out for the best.

I know how that sounds and I can hear someone saying, “What does she mean that it was good to miss church?!” Just give me a minute or two to explain. I am one who absolutely never misses church. Like ever. My family is always in a pew every time the doors are opened, that’s just how my husband and I were raised. But at the start of the day, I knew the devil was battling. The kids woke up and were acting out, I had no idea what had gotten into them. I was late to work and then I found out that Jon had to work late. My mind immediately thought, “GREAT. I have to get dinner ready and get them ready for church and then sit through conference by. my. self. UGH.” That’s not the greatest attitude going into any service, even if it was just a business meeting (which I loathe… I understand there is a reason for them, but it doesn’t change the fact that I do not like them), so I called Jonathan and asked him how he felt about the kids and I missing church. He thought that whatever I felt was right to do, was fine with him.

There was a huge sigh of relief after that.

Being the person I am, I started feeling bad for missing church, so I told the kids that we were going to have home church. They both looked at me like I was off my rocker. They asked why, and I told them that anytime we had to miss church, for whatever reason, we would still set time aside to learn more about Jesus and worship Him. We waited until my husband got home to start home church. We took prayer requests, prayed, sang a couple of songs, had a lesson, memorized some Scripture, and sang a song to dismiss. It was one of the best services I have been a part of in a long time — and we’ve been in some great services lately!

The kids loved getting to have a special part in our home church, they got to help teach, they got to recite their memory verses, they got to pray, and they got to pick the songs for the evening. Did they sit absolutely still and listen to every word of Jonathan’s lesson? No, not even close. Did they sing the songs just right or even say all of the words? No. Could they say every word of Psalm 23 correctly? No. But you know what? They had more heart in everything they did. They had JOY in serving the Lord tonight. They wanted to do the best they could for His Glory. That’s one way tonight was better spent at home than at church.

There was another precious reason that I felt like staying home from church was what we needed tonight. My husband. If we would’ve went to church tonight, we would’ve been without the head of our household. We have been to church without him before, but that special time set aside to worship with others in our community is always more special whenever we are together as a family. I love being in church with my husband, I love praying with my husband and I love seeing him lead our family to the throne of God. If we would’ve went to church tonight, I would’ve missed out on that tonight — and — I would’ve had to sit through conference alone (and trust me, that’s never good, I always shout amen instead of I whenever we vote to close conference). Instead, tonight I got to sit under my husband’s teaching, and I got to see him lead our family in worship (once again) which was the most amazing feeling.

It does my heart good every time we sit and teach the kids about Jesus together, but tonight was special. Tonight we got to worship freely as a family; without others actions or thoughts clogging our view of the Savior. I got more out of tonight at home, than I would’ve if I went to church in the mood I was in.

So, next time you have to stay home from church, still take the time to set aside time for our Savior. You won’t regret it, and you may even get help you didn’t even know you needed!


**DISCLAIMER: I, in no way, condone forsaking the gathering together of saints, but I wanted to share OUR story of an alternative gathering together. After all, where 2 or 3 are gathered together, He promised to be in the midst.**

**EDIT: I also feel this needs to happen more than just whenever you miss church. This should be a daily thing in the home of a Christian family; I know we are trying to make this a habit in our home.**

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